This is a blog of an aspiring data-driven storyteller and digital community manager in London.

Contact me any time at krystSinashveda at gmail dot com. Or tweet me at @KrystinaShveda

I am a fresh graduate of the notoriously stressful but very effective City University London MA in Interactive Journalism . Now I can write a long read in three days. And find stories in many dull rows of data. And come up with hybrid data analysis strategies that are easy enough to be implemented by a non-programmer but complex enough not “to lie with statistics”.

If the above mentioned doesn’t work, I have a wide network of friends in journalism and development across Europe ( ).

My favourite beat is…

Eastern European affairs . I love telling stories of Belarusian and Ukrainian natives that will make you cry. .

Human rights activism ( ), media ( ), social issues ( ) are the other topics that I enjoy covering as a journalist.

My specialisation is…

online journalism , with all the inevitable consequneces.

I adore everything geeky, from statistical data analysis to scraping with Python to creating interactive visualisations to curating UGC .

I’ve worked in…

IT industry for 3.5 years, and this was where I fell in love with the nerd culture. At EPAM, I was doing anything from blogging to multimedia production to community management .

In London, I interned with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the MediaBriefing.

Originally I am…

half Belarusian half Ukrainian. I used to live in Minsk but I am currently based in London .

Back home…

I was involved in organising Hacks/Hackers Minsk community .

This blog was created to accumulate my experiences, publications, creative experiments and ideas.

I’ll be happy to hear from you!